A Guide to Downloading High Resolution Audio from e-onkyo music

The e-onkyo music site is Japanese but it is easy to use for those of us not fluent in the Japanese language. The following tutorial will walk you through the process of registering an account and then purchasing and downloading music from e-onkyo.

Each of the screenshots in this tutorial is viewable in three formats:
1. the original Japanese language web page with annotations in English
2. a version of the page translated to English via the Google Chrome browser
3. the original Japanese language web page without annotations
(Look for the links under each image to select the version you wish to view)

Now let's get started.


1. Find Your Music

Most pages on the e-onkyo site provide a search box that you can use to find your music. Alternatively you can search for your music on FindHDmusic and just click the album link to go directly to the album page on the e-onkyo site. FindHDmusic translates ALL album titles and artists names into English and FindHDmusic can also convert the prices from Yen to a number of different currencies.

The image below shows a search results page on the e-onkyo site. Click either an album or song to take you to the album page.


2. Album Page. Add Songs or the Whole Album to Your Cart

The image below shows the album page. The 'Add to Cart' buttons are obvious. Click the button(s) to add item(s) to your cart.

Once you've added an item to your cart, the cart icon (at the top right corner of the screen) will update to show the number of items in the cart and the total price of the items (in Yen).

Click the cart icon to go to your cart.


3. Cart

Your cart should look something like the image below. Click the 'Continue' button. This will take you to the Login/Register page (assuming you are not logged in).


4. Login/Register

If you have not yet registered with e-onkyo click the 'Register' button.


5. Registration - Step 1

Enter your email address in the 'Email Address' field and also in the 'Email Address Confirmation' field. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the 'Continue' button. This will take you to step 2 of the registration process.


6. Registration - Step 2

You should now receive an email containing a registration key. If you are having problems locating the key in the email message, copy the contents of the message into the Google Translator at http://translate.google.com (the registration key will most likely be a sequence of 8 numbers and letters eg. ABCx76CC).

Now on the registration page (see image below) enter the following details:
1. The registration key from the email you received
2. Your last and first name
3. A password. The password must be 4-10 characters in length. The allowed characters in the password are letters, numbers, ampersand (@), hypen (-), underscore (_) and dot (.)
4. Repeat the password in the password confirmation field
5. Select an 'E-mail newsletter' option depending on whether you wish to receive the e-onkyo newsletter or not

Click the 'Continue' button to proceed to step 3 of the registration process.


7. Registration - Step 3

This page contains a message stating that your registration with e-onkyo was successful. Click the 'Return to Cart' button to purchase the items that you have added to your cart.


8. Cart

This is the same cart page as you saw in step 3. Now that you are logged in you will see some extra links on the left of the page. These allow you to see your Wishlist, Purchase History, Points Balance and Account Profile.

Click the 'Continue' button to start the payment process.


9. Payment - Step 1

This page allows you to choose to redeem e-onkyo points. e-onkyo points are earned when you make a purchase and you can redeem them on subsequent purchases.

Click the 'Continue' button to go to the next step.


10. Payment - Step 2

This is where you enter your payment details. Enter your credit card number, expiry month and expiry date. By default e-onkyo will save your credit card details for future use. If you do not want e-onkyo to keep a copy of your credit card details then select the 'Do NOT save card details' option.

Click the 'Continue' button to go to the next step.


11. Payment - Step 3

This page is asking if you accept the e-onkyo payment Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. It is also asking you to confirm you wish to purchase the items listed in your cart.

Click the 'Continue' button to pay for your items.


12. Payment - Step 4

You will see this page if payment is successful. To download your purchased content, click the Download Link. Alternatively you can install the e-onkyo downloader (not tested here).


9. Done

Enjoy your music.

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