A Guide to Downloading HD Music from Qobuz

The qobuz site is French but it is easy to use for non-French speakers. The following tutorial will walk you through the process of registering an account and then purchasing and downloading music from qobuz.

Note: Qobuz is currently (as of December 2013) in the process of internationalising their site so you may see some of the pages in English if you are accessing Qobuz from an English speaking country. This is especially true of the registration, shopping cart and payment pages.

First, you might want to know the English translations of the following words:

ECOUTE: Listen

... and of course you can use translate.google.com for anything you're not sure of.

Now let's get started.

1. Find Album Price & Samplerate

Qobuz refer to their high-definition music as 'Studio Masters' and so the price can be found next to the label Qualité Studio Masters (24 bits).

The bit depth and samplerate of the album are found under the label Caractéristiques techniques.

2. Add Album to Cart

Click the arrow on the TÉLÉCHARGER button and in the dropdown menu select the Qualité Studio Masters item.

You will then see the popup below. Click on J'ACCÈDE À MON PAINER to go to your shopping cart and purchase the album.

3. Add Single Track to Cart

Alternatively you can select a single track from the track list.

4. Albums that are not available in your country

Some of the record labels restrict Qobuz from selling albums into countries outside of France and/or Europe so you may see a message like the one below saying the album is not available in your country.

If this is the case then you will not be able to purchase the album. You may have more luck with albums from smaller and/or independent record labels.

5. Register

If you are not logged in, you will be presented with the screen below asking you to either login or register.

If your are registering, enter your preferred username in the Pseudo field, your password in the Mot de passe field and of course your email address in the E-mail field. Then click the Valider button.

5. Shopping Cart

You will then be redirected to your shopping cart. Shown below is a cart containing 3 items. If you want to delete an item from the cart, click the corresponding SUPPRIMER button.

You may need to select your preferred 'quality'. The Studio Masters downloads are 24bit. The sample rate is not displayed here but is on the album page.

6. Payment Method

Further down the page you can select your payment method. Click JE PAYE to continue with your payment.

7. Credit Card Details

If you selected payment by credit card then the next page is where you enter your credit card details. The instructions are shown in French, but you can select a different language by clicking on one of the flags.

8. Download Music

Once payment is complete you will be redirected to the 'Download Music' page. Selected your preferred file format from the list on the right hand side.

If you're not ready to start downloading your files now, you can come back later and access the downloads page via the account submenu at the top right of each page on the qobuz.com site. Select Ma Musique to get back to the downloads page.

If you wan't to use the qobuz downloader application to download your files, then click the JE TÉLÉCHARGER MA MUSIQUE. You will then be prompted to download and install the downloader application.

Otherwise click on Téléchargez sans le Downloader Qobuz (ie Download without the qobuz downloader). All the available files will be listed. Click on the file to start downloading it.

You will then see a popup telling you about the download. The text under the status bar translates to Click the cross to close the box once the download is complete. Once the download is complete close the popup via the cross on the top right.

9. Done

Enjoy your music.



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