What is FindHDmusic?

FindHDmusic is a site to help you find High Definition Music downloads. When you search for a Hi-Def album on FindHDmusic, we search the catalogs of over 20 online High-Def Music stores. You can then see where the album is available for download and compare prices from the different stores.

Prices can be converted to a number of currencies to allow for easy comparison (note that prices are NOT live).

For some stores we will show the prices applicable to several different regions. For example, HIGHRESAUDIO charges different prices for residents of USA and the UK and so the two prices are displayed.

Where an album is not available to residents in the United States (usually because of licencing restrictions imposed by the record labels), FindHDmusic will indicate that fact in the search results.

What do you mean by High Definition? What about High Resolution?

For the sake of simplicity we take high definition to mean music formats that have the capacity to store more information than CDs.

Specifically we mean 24-bit PCM encoded music in file formats such as FLAC, AIFF, ALAC and WAV and 1-bit DSD in DSF and DFF file formats.

We take the terms 'High Definition' and 'High Resolution' to be interchangable.

Apart from search, what other features are there?

Other features include:

  • A directory of sites that offer High Definition music downloads for sale.
  • A listing of free and legal Hi-Def music. Many of the Hi-Def music stores offer one or more tracks for you to sample for free. FindHDmusic helps you find these.
  • The lastest discounts, coupon codes an other special offers.
  • Alerts and RSS feeds so you can keep track of the lastest Hi-Def albums that have been released.
  • Personal wishlists so you can keep track of albums of interest (registration required)
  • Add comments to any album listed on FindHDmusic (registration required)

Is is possible to restrict search results to a single site?

Sure. This is really useful if the HD music site doesn't provide a search function or if their search doesn't seem to be working properly.

There's a couple of ways you can do it but the easiest is to just do a normal search (ie enter your search term and hit the Search button) and then select the site from the 'Refine Search' form on the left hand side of the search results. Hit the 'Apply' button and you will have restricted the search results to that one site. If you then want to change your search term(s), just do it in the 'Refine Search' form and the results will be restricted to the site that you have selected.

Why should I register?

When you register you get access to the Wish List feature which allows you to bookmark albums you think you may want to find at a later date.

You can also add comments to any album in the FindHDmusic database. So you can write reviews, ask questions or write about anything else you think is relevant to the album.

You will also have access to social and other features we are planning to add in the near future.


About FindHDmusic

FindHDmusic is a search engine for finding legal, high-definition (HD) music downloads. HD music also referred to as High Resolution Audio (HRA), Hi-Rez, Hi-Res, Hi-Def, Studio Masters and even Pono.

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