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Adwords Placement Name Description Creative(s) Your ad can appear in any of the ad units on the FindHDmusic website. The ad units are responsive and can accomodate the following standard sizes: 300x250, 300x600, 728x90. You can find the full list of available ad sizes in the 'Placements' box on the 'Targeting' page in Adwords. (All Pages, Top Left) Displays at the top of the left sidebar on most pages. On narrow devices the ad will appear below the main content of the page. This is a responsive ad unit with a maximum height of 300px. 300x250 sized ads will work well here. (All Pages, Middle Right) Leaderboard that is displayed within larger areas of page content or below the content on some pages (eg album details) Responsive ad unit with a maximum height of 100px. 728x90 works well here as does 320x100 for mobile devices. (All Pages, Bottom Left) Positioned on the lower part of the left column of the page. Responsive ad unit. For desktops, 300x600 and 160x600 fits here. For narrow devices the width depends on the width of the device - 320x100 is a good option for mobiles. The height is unconstrained.


About FindHDmusic

FindHDmusic is a search engine for finding legal, high-definition (HD) music downloads. HD music also referred to as High Resolution Audio (HRA), Hi-Rez, Hi-Res, Hi-Def, Studio Masters and even Pono.

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