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Name Location Genres Number of Albums1 Date of Newest Album2 Geographic Restrictions?
HDtracks (USA) New York, United States Various 38157 2020-03-28 Yes. Restricted to residents of the United States.
HDtracks (Germany) New York, United States Various 33320 2019-12-27 Yes. Restricted to residents of Germany.
HDtracks (UK) New York, United States Various 32032 2020-03-20 Yes. Restricted to residents of the UK.
Qobuz Paris, France Various 23057
Plus more than 17000 albums from the BNF Collection
2017-11-12 Yes. Availability is restricted to a number of countries in Europe/UK. Availability within Europe/UK varies between albums.
AcousticSounds Salina, United States Various 19968 2020-03-25 Yes. Restricted to residents of the United States and/or Canada.
Presto Classical Warwickshire, UK Mainly classical. Some jazz. 19379 2020-03-25 No.
ProStudioMasters Montréal, Canada Various 14438 2019-02-19 Restricted to residents of the United States and Canada.
HIGHRESAUDIO Berlin, Germany Various 10198 2017-02-28 Yes. Some albums are not available outside Germany/Europe.
eClassical Göteborg, Sweden Classical 3760 2017-01-25 No.
The Classical Shop Colchester, England Mainly classical 3069 2016-06-08 No.
Native DSD Music Herwijnen, The Netherlands Various 1636 2019-07-02 No.
Hyperion Records London, England Classical 1185 2020-03-27 No. Düsseldorf, Germany Classical 420 2016-05-01 No.
Gubemusic Oslo, Norway Various 376 2016-10-14 No.
Linn Records Glasgow, Scotland Various 317 2018-10-08 No. Albums from the Linn Records label are available worldwide.
Analekta Montréal, Canada Mainly classical. Some jazz, pop and soundtracks. 284 2018-03-20 No.
iTrax Los Angeles, United States Various 263 2014-11-17 No.
Channel Classics Records Herwijnen, The Netherlands Classical 180 2017-04-05 No.
Dacapo Records Copenhagen, Denmark Classical 142 2017-04-10 No.
2L - The Nordic Sound Oslo, Norway Mainly classical. Some folk and jazz. 112 2017-11-13 No.
ATMA Classique Montréal, Canada Classical 83 2016-09-01 No.
Cybele Records Düsseldorf, Germany Classical 68 2016-01-31 No.
Melba Recordings Melbourne, Australia Classical 28 2016-03-21 No.
Gimell Records Oxford, England Classical 21 2016-10-31 No.

Other sites offering Hi-Res downloads from multiple labels Free, legal live recordings
Artist Connex Seems to be just links to
Bleep Electronic 'music'. Hi-Res albums at
Boomkat Electronic 'music'. Some available as 24bit FLAC downloads.
Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound Subscription service. They also have several albums for download that are not part of the subscription service - see the 'Download Store' section of the 'Overview' page for these. At the time of writing 'Tubular Bells' does not appear on the 'Worldwide' version of the site. The idea for originated in the recordings for 'Wöckherl Organ CD' on Vienna's oldest organ in the 'Wöckherl organ' in the Franciscan convent in Vienna.
ClassicsOnline HD*LL ClassicsOnline HD*LL is a lossless music download and streaming service offering over 70,000 albums and 1.25 million tracks from a comprehensive catalogue of classical, classic and contemporary jazz, blues, folk and world music.
Downloads NOW! Sister site to Blue Coast Records offering the Blue Coast albums as well as albums from a number of artist labels.
e-onkyo music Japanese site with large number of high-res albums from a variety of genres. Purchases restricted to residents of Japan.
gaude A Polish site with a large number of high-resolution albums for sale. See the "Studio Master 24bit" page on their site for a full list.
HDmusic (NZ) A music store offering high definition (24 bit) downloads from a wide range of genres. Content is only available for purchase by residents of New Zealand.
HDmusicStore Italian site offering high resolution downloads from a variety of labels including Fonè OAR and Velut Luna.
High Definition Tape Transfers One of the first companies to offer High Resolution downloads since 2006. Music from rare reel-to-reel-tapes in high-bit quality (DSD / Flac). Also offering downloads from private labels such as Albany Records, Direct to Tape Recordings,The Klipsch Tape Project, International Phonograph Inc., Houston Symphony Chorus, Texas Music Festival, David Elias, and more. is a high quality music download website for audiophiles in Greater China. Japanese site featuring albums from a variety of genres. Albums available as FLAC, ALAC, WAV and/or DSF.
Kripton HQM Store The HQM Store, KRIPTON's web music store, was established in collaboration with Camerata Tokyo.
Mora Japanese site offering hi-res downloads in FLAC and DSD formats.
onkyo music - Germany
onkyo music - UK
onkyo music - USA
OpenLIVE OpenLIVE is a Hi-Resolution music platform, offering releases from both established and emerging Artists at the highest available sonic quality.
Ototoy Music from Japanese artists in DSD and 24bit WAV formats.
Pono Music CLOSED. Neil Young's High Resolution Music ecosystem consisting of an online store (, a portable player (Pono Player) and an app for Windows and Mac (the PonoMusic App) for managing the music library and synchronising with the player. Due for launch in October 2014.
Presto Classical Classical
ProMates A small selection of albums from the Dacapo and OUR labels.
Sound Liaison Sound Liaison organize recording sessions with a live audience in a professional studio. The recordings are available at the music store of Sound Liaison as downloadable High-Resolution Audio.
Subradar Subradar is an artist friendly website dedicated to free-jazz, noise, improvised and contemporary music.
7digital - Germany
7digital - UK
7digital - USA
Technics Tracks - Germany CLOSED
Technics Tracks - UK CLOSED

Single labels that offer Hi-Res downloads

Acoustic Oasis Bluegrass, Folk, Jazz and Swing. Look for Hi-Def.
Audite A German classical label based in Detmold. Some titles are available in hi-res (up to 24bit/48kHz).
Blue Coast Records High quality DSD downloads recorded using the Extended Sound Environment (ESE) proprietary recording technique.
Bravura Records 5 free 24/44.1 christmas tracks.
Burning Shed An online label and store specialising in Singer-Songwriter, Progressive, Ambient/Electronica and Art Rock music.
Carpe Diem Records Here, early music, jazz, and new music meet in new, sometimes unconventional ways.
Cedille Cedille is dedicated to producing classical recordings of the highest quality featuring outstanding musicians from Chicago.
DSD File Online store for the Opus3 label offering albums in DSD64 and DSD128 formats.
Footprint Records HD music for download within the Jazz/Improv, Folk/World and Choral/Orchestral genres.
Ninja Tune Copy and paste this url to find the 24 bit downloads:
Oclassica Founded in 2010, Oclassica has been in the market of classical music just long enough to establish a good reputation and become a desired publisher name for young and experienced musicians, whose exceptional performance was not available to wider public since quite a few precious recordings had been neglected by bigger brands. Many outstanding artists were first presented to recording market by Oclassica.
OnClassical OnClassical is an Italian based record label that features solo instrument and chamber music. Studio Master files are 88.2kHz/24bit FLACs.
Opera Rara Opera Rara has been in the business of bringing back forgotten operatic repertoire of the 19th-century for over 40 years.
Pentatone Albums available for download in WAV (CD Quality), FLAC (High Definition) and DSD iso formats.
Premonition Records At the time of writing, one album by Patricia Barber is available in hi-res (DSD).
Pristine Classical Pristine Classical brings you the finest historic recorded music, remastered to award-winning acclaim!
RareNoiseRecords HD .flac releases from the RareNoiseRecords catalogue are all lossless conversions from the original 24bit / 96 KHz Studio Masters
Soundkeeper Recordings The goal of every Soundkeeper Recording is to bring the listener to the performance, to create the feeling the listener is in the presence of the musicians, in the space where the performance actually took place. AIFF and WAV downloads up to 24bit/192kHz. AIFF/WAV files on DVD-R.
Spotted Peccary Music Spotted Peccary Music is one of North America’s finest independent record labels with a focus on deep, vast and introspective soundscapes.
The Spirit of Turtle
Warner Music Only a few HD albums and no way to search for them! Copy and paste this google search url to find the HD downloads:
Unipheye Music Ultra high resolution computer downloads of albums of original master recordings produced in various file formats and priced accordingly.

Selected artists and orchestras with sites offering Hi-Res downloads

Boston Symphony Orchestra Bruce Springsteen Counting Crows David Elias
Greatful Dead John Fogerty Metallica Neil Young
Pearl Jam Prince

Self-publishing music platforms offering Hi-Res downloads


Sites that offer Hi-Res files on physical media (no downloads)

Acousence Hi-Rez files available with DVD purchases.
AIX Records 96kHz/24bit recordings on Blu-Ray and DVD-A. AIX Records have been producing and releasing new high-resolution audio since 2000.
Chesky Records One-to-one copies of 192khz 24bit master discs containing 192khz 24bit .wav files
Hi-Res Music Titles which are uniquely artistic and celebrated, and that will highlight the wonderful open sound of high-resolution stereo 96kHz/24-bit DVD.

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