Hi-Fi Cast is Music player app emphasizing ease of use, sound quality and reliable (and gapless) playback.

Key Features:
  • Bit perfect gapless playback via your Chromecast (Enable this via Settings => Chromecast)
  • ReplayGain when playing FLAC files to your Chromecast (Enable this via Settings => Chromecast)
  • Plays music stored on DLNA/UPnP media servers or your android device.
  • Shuffle your entire music library and/or any combination of albums, artists, genres etc regardless of size of music library (requires a UPnP server that supports searching - most do).
  • Robust casting implementation. Automatically reconnects to your device whenever you play music (so no more having to manually select your Chromecast device whenever you want to play music!). In fact you can even hit the play button before your Chromecast is even switched on - the music will start playing automatically when the Chromecast is ready.
  • Easy to use. Once set up there is no need to select a media server or Chromecast device. Hi-Fi cast will connect to them automatically as soon as the play button is hit.
  • Hi-Fi cast knows the capabilities of your Chromecast device and will skip over tracks that your device cannot play (enable this via Settings).
  • Designed for large (and small) music collections. Effortlessly scroll though thousands of albums, artists or songs at a time.
  • Search your music collection for Albums, Artists and Songs (requires your UPnP/DLNA server to support searching)
  • Gapless playback via your Chromecast (available for MP3 and AAC files on all Chromecast devices - and WAV and FLAC files up to 24bit/96kHz when using the New Chromecast or Chromecast Audio Devices, and 16bit WAV and FLAC files when using the Original Chromecast)
  • Can it really do gapless when I'm playing music via my Chromecast? YES, gapless, gapless, gapless!!!!!

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